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Article in Bloem en Blad 2019

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Article in Lillies and related plants 2018

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Article in Rock Garden 2019

In December 2019 an article was published in the Scottisch Rock Garden; Cultonomy of Fritillaria section Petilium, a new circumscription of the crop and a possibility to group cultivars written by Willem Wietsma and Ronald van den Berg.

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Fritillaries stolen 2015

In the night of Thursday May 7 and Friday May 8, approximately 100 bulbs were stolen from a new Fritillaria(F. raddeana  x F. chitralensis). At May 15 this was reported in the Leeuwarder Courant (text in Dutch). 




Forcing Fritillaria 2015

From week 4, Mts de Jong-Velsma will sell on the auction Aalsmeer there low-odour variety Orange Beauty, about 300 till 500 pieces a day, with flower branch length of 65 cm.




Noviteitentuin Keukenhof 2015

We will this spring participate in the Noviteitentuin at the Keukenhof, with the varieties Sunset, Orange Beauty, Early Passion, Early Fantasy, F. eduardii cv Castor en cv Pollux, Garland Star.




Attending Floratuin at Julianadorp 2015

We will participatethis spring in the Floratuin at Julianadorp, with the varieties Sunset, Early Passion, Orange Beauty and Garland Star.




Breaders right Sunset 2014

In autumn, the Dutch board of Plant Varieties granted our new variety Sunset with Breeders rights (PBR). Sunset is a new striking variety with bright orange flowers, hanging on a green, with purple brown anthocyanin collared, crown of leaves. This variety is with low-odour (one of the parents is the odourless Fritillaria imperialis var. kashmirensis), This new variety is very less susceptible for Fusarium and is suitable for naturalizing in the garden. Bulbs of Sunset are still limited available.


Plant Systematics and Evolution

ISSN 0378-2697

Plant Syst Evol

DOI 10.1007/s00606-014-1135-4

Phylogenetic relationships within

Fritillaria section Petilium based

on AFLP fingerprints

Willem A. Wietsma, Daniƫl Deinum,

Hedwich A. S. Teunissen & Ronald

G. van den Berg


Taxonomy Fritillaria 2014


In August, the scientific publication: Phylogenetic relationships within Fritillaria section Petilium based on AFLP fingerprints, is published online in Plant Systematics and Evolution. In our first publication: The nomenclatural history of Fritillaria eduardii and the correct names of its varieties (Taxon 60(6): 1754-1759), the right naming of the varieties of F. eduardii are published. In the second publication, we describe the nearest species and varieties of the Crown Imperial (F. imperialis), using molecular technics, plant morphology and crossability. The odourless Crown Imperial (old name: F. imperialis cv. Inodora) is described and the new name F. imperialis var. kashmirensis is proposed. 


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Aricle Plantsman

The journal Plantsman (Royal Horticultural Society) published an article titled: "Cultivating Fritillaria eduardii" in December 2012.

 25. Holland Flower 2012


Holland Flower Festival 2012

Contribution to Holland Flower Festival 2012, with 'Orange Beauty' (PBR) and several new clones

23. Floriade 2012


Floriade 2012

Participation in Floriade 2012, as part of the common bulbs-entry with cultivars 'Garland Star' (PBR) and 'Orange Beauty' (PBR)

24. Keukenhof 2012


Keukenhof 2012

Participation in Keukenhof 2012 with cultivars 'Garland Star' (PBR) and 'Orange Beauty' (PBR)